Sunny days for ACL & “Atlantic Sun”

Vessel #5…”Atlantic Sun”, the 5th and final vessel in the ACL fleet as seen under construction in dry dock from port view. Soon it will be sunny days for ACL, as we will see all 5 vessels complete and in rotation!Atlantic Sun in Dry Dock No. 1 port view


“Atlantic Sail” and “Atlantic Sea”, seen at Quay #3. “Atlantic Sail” is the next vessel to join the ACL fleet of 5.Atlantic Sail & Sea at quay No. 3

Coming to a port near you!


Onboard at the “Star’s” Bridge, the ACL Belgium Team waves a welcoming flag!

lo-res image1

Port of Antwerp’s aerial view of “Star”.


Liverpool, England sees a behemoth vessel arriving, and containers are a welcomed sight!


“Atlantic Star’s” sturdy cell guides take on the night skies in Gothenburg, Sweden.


After a wintry transatlantic crossing, the “Atl. Star’ is a welcomed sight into Halifax, Nova Scotia.


New York, New York… is that the iconic Verrazano Bridge, one sees?


An enchanting sunset ends the day for “Atlantic Star”  in Baltimore, Maryland.


A bright and sunny day for the “Star’s” arrival in Norfolk, Virginia.